Innovative Resurfacing Solutions Seamless floor coatings from start to finish!

Commercial and Residential Flooring Systems

  • Metallic Epoxy Coatings
  • Chip & Quartz Flooring
  • Resurfacers
  • Epoxy Cove Base
  • Epoxy & Urethane Mortars
  • Urethane & Acrylic Sealers
  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
  • ESD Coatings
  • Waterproofing Membranes
  • Moisture Vapor Reduction Coatings
  • Seamless Overlays
  • Spray Acrylic
  • Stamp Overlays
  • Acid Staining
  • Stained Overlays

Seamless Flooring Systems:

Whether it be Decorative Epoxy Chip, Quartz, Resurfacers, MMA's, ESD or Secondary Containment Coatings they can provide you with superior slip, abrasion, chemical resistance and reduced maintenance costs. These products are perfect for Garage floors, Basements, Restaurants, Bars, Parking Garages, Warehouses, Machine Shops, Hospitals, Laboratories, Kitchens and much more.

Metallic Flooring Systems:

Metallic Flooring Systems have been the hottest and most demanded commercial and residential flooring products since they were introduced. The reasons? First of all, the instant eye catching "Wow" factor. As you can see, these systems look like no other flooring product. Secondly, they are durable. Very durable. Tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic and yet beautiful enough for virtually any interior setting. Lastly, they are amazingly cost effective and more affordable than most conventional flooring products.

Stamp Overlays:

Are a beautiful concrete restoration product that you can create the look of Ashlar Slate, Fieldstone, Brick, Stone, Stucco and even Wood Plank Boardwalk. The properties of the polymer resins and sealers yield a surface that is highly resistant to most stains, chemicals, salts, funguses and UV deterioration. Furthermore, the polymer resins add an element of flexibility which allows the overlay material to move somewhat with the concrete substrate, substantially decreasing the chance of delaminating in extreme climates. These products are perfect for interior/exterior Pool Areas, Patios, Balconies, Spas, Walkways, Stairs and much more.

Acid Staining:

Reacts chemically with the mineral content of the concrete penetrating deeply and permanently. The results are unmatched by any other process and renders the appearance of aged stone. Adding artistic methods such as saw cutting and bead blasting you can create distinctive patterns and graphics that will fit any theme or decor.

Spray Acrylic:

Is stronger than concrete and it can replicate the look of expensive flooring for a fraction of the cost. This system can be installed on horizontal & vertical surfaces which makes the possibilities endless. Both these systems are perfect for either interior/exterior surfaces.